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In Loving Memory Of Kenny Rickey

About Kenny

About Kenny
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My Dad Was A Good Man
Who Loved To Laugh and Make others Laugh
I remember him as a jokester some times it was hard to tell the differents and his family was the most important to him he had been married twice and has six children and nine grandkids

I am the oldest daughter and was his babygirl we would fight but in about 5minutes he was telling me how much he loved me and lets not fight I have some great memories of him like the day before he got bad he was acting silly and singing and kinda dancin


     Our Family is a circle of strength and love.With every birth and every union, the circle grows Every joy shared adds more love every crisis faced together Makes the circle stronger.


What a family!

There is six of us I guess it kinda is like the brady bunch but we are the Rickey Bunch lol
My Dad's first marriage was to a very beautiful woman named Joyce she is my mom I love her very much enyways they had me and my two brothers Tim and Kenny and then later on down the road they slit up and we moved to Cail and she married a real jerk and my dad found Debby at first I did not like her not because the person she was but I was a kid and very jeoulse and then over the years I got to know her and became very close to her and learned to love her but I have to say she is a hell of person to stick by my dad enyways Debby had three kids also Tiffany, Candy ,Bobby  we live in a traveltrailor at one time lol can you see that six kids and a grandchild and two adults shoe heaven
we have had our fights,laughs and tears but we always stuck together

Always in out hearts and minds